About us

Budimex is a company with fifty years of tradition and it currently leads the Polish construction market. It employs over 6000 highly qualified specialists. The Company business profile includes implementation of projects in the field of infrastructure: roads, railways, airports, and large-scale buildings and structures for the energy sector and industry. Budimex operates not only in Poland but also in foreign markets.


DANWOOD S.A is the biggest manufacturer of ready, energy-efficient homes in Poland, whose production capacity reaches up to 1500 homes a year. The company has been present on the market for 20 years and has over 1900 employees in its headquarters in Bielsk Podlaski, its technical office in Białystok and its representative offices in Germany, the UK and Austria. For the last 4 years, the company has been listed among the 500 biggest companies in Poland, according to Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

ELPLAST+ Sp. z o.o. is a Polish, family run, manufacturing firm. The production plant and company headquarters are located in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. The company has also established a branch office in Warsaw. Elplast+ has been in operation since 1999, selling its products in both, Poland and in foreign markets. It specializes in processing and manufacturing products made of plastic, mainly polyethylene and polypropylene, and has manufacturing facilities consisting of 12 production lines designed for the extrusion and rotomoulding processes.

Erbud S.A. is a general contractor providing construction services for commercial, public utility, energy, industrial, residential, engineering and road construction projects. Erbud has an experienced staff of highly qualified engineers and construction experts.

Working as General Contractor (comprehensive investment project implementation – design, construction, technical consulting) of investment projects comprising construction, expansion and modernisation of residential buildings, office buildings, public buildings; industrial and military facilities; environmental engineering, electric power and transport infrastructure.

IDS-BUD, using years of experience and extensive expertise, provides services in the field of building construction, engineering, road, pipeline, also carries a complete underground utilities and road construction for commercial, residential, logistics centers.

The largest independent supplier of falsework and formwork solutions in Poland, offering its Customers the most technologically advanced products available on global markets.

The company provides specialised services in terms of comprehensive preparation of natural gas, oil and fuel systems.


PORR S.A. belongs to the PORR AG group. PORR concern has been present on the construction market since 1869. It is one of the biggest construction companies in Austria and one of the leading companies in Europe. The company has numerous representative offices in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe; moreover, it is also expanding its activity in the Middle East, mainly in Qatar.

The company specialises in reinforced concrete construction works, focusing on enclosed structures, industrial facilities and civil engineering structures. The company is also a real-estate developer.

The main field of activity of Termika Group companies are comprehensive services for the industry in the scope of insulation of industrial processes, from the analysis of needs, through design, to system implementation.

TINES Capital Group also provides comprehensive implementation of major infrastructural projects in the scope of design, supervision and specialised construction services.

The company implements residential housing and commercial projects (hotels, offices, retail buildings), as well as industrial construction projects.